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The San Juan Coast Guard announced efforts to combat illegal passenger(s)

File photos of vessel voyages that were terminated by the Coast Guard between April and September 2021 for conducting illegal passenger-for-hire operations in Puerto Rico.

Summarization of events written by the Veteran X Team.

  • The San Juan Coast Guard announced on Thursday efforts to combat illegal passenger(s) or rental vessels in Puerto Rico waterways.

  • Starting in April, the Coast Guard has conducted operations against illegal passenger ships throughout Puerto Rico.

  • Operations resulted in 70 vessel boardings, 13 safety violations, and 12 vessel voyage terminations

  • In August, a federal grand jury charged Carlos J. IzquierdoCarrero with three counts of obstruction of justice and 2 counts of failure to obey the orders of the port. The charges are related to the operation of illegal passenger ships in La Parguera in Lajas, Puerto Rico. The Puerto Rico District Attorney’s Office is leading the case.

  • Additionally, owners and operators who violate a captain’s harbor rules can face penalties of more than $ 95,000. USD

  • Individuals renting a boat or paying a boat owner/operator for transportation should ask the captain for their Merchant Marine ID issued by the coast Guard, boat inspection certificate.

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