Army awarded $59 million contract to renovate barracks at Fort Hood

By U.S. Army Public AffairsOctober 27, 2022

FORT HOOD, Texas – The U.S. Army recently awarded a $59 million contract to renovate three barracks buildings at Fort Hood.

The renovations will involve a complete gut and rebuild of the facilities. After interior demolition, the Army will build the barracks back to a “1+1” configuration, where each Soldier has a private room with walk-in closet, and two Soldiers will share a kitchenette and bathroom in the same suite. The renovations will include all new systems, including electric, plumbing, fire protection, and HVAC. The HVAC system will employ a modern, energy-efficient design that has proven to be very effective at keeping barracks healthy and mold-free by continuously cycling fresh air through the facility.

This is one of many projects the Army is working on at installations across the globe to provide Soldiers with high-quality, safe and secure housing. For fiscal years 2023-27, the Army has programmed almost $5 billion to renovate existing barracks and to construct new barracks for unaccompanied Soldiers. For fiscal years 2023-24, the Army’s Facility Investment Plans include $1.6 billion for more than 170 large, barracks-related projects for the Active Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard.

“Our people deserve quality housing,” said Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth. “There is more work to be done across the Army. We are committed to expediting repairs, hiring additional staff to oversee our housing contracts, and working with our privatized housing companies to invest more than a billion dollars of their funds into renovations and new development.”

Since 2017, the Army has spent $557 million to renovate 38 barracks at Fort Hood, with seven of these barracks renovation projects to be completed by fall 2023. The Army plans to invest more than $275 million in barracks renovations over the next 10 years. In addition, the Army is prepared to spend more than $384 million to build three new barracks at Fort Hood, which will house nearly 1,500 Soldiers.

“During the last five years, we’ve invested about $3 billion dollars on more than 200 major barracks renovations and repairs throughout our Army,” said Rachel Jacobson, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment. “We continue to find solutions to further improve the living conditions for our single soldiers.”

The Fort Hood garrison commander agreed. “We are thrilled to see the contract for the next round of barracks renovations awarded. We appreciate the support to improve the living conditions for our single Soldiers at Fort Hood,” said Col. Chad R. Foster. “This support builds on the great progress we have been able to achieve over the past decade.”

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