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Washington DC.
MARINE CORPS HEADQUARTERS – The Commandant of the Marine Corps has issued a plan called Talent Management 2030. This document describes a fundamental change in the Marine Corps personnel system.

The plan details how the Marines will deploy new talent recruiting models, establishes an assignment process that aligns with our combat philosophy, and introduces new measures to increase flexibility. and apply cutting-edge digital analytics, processes and tools, in accordance with industry standards. Without a talent management system to recruit, develop and retain the right Marine Corps forces, modern Marine Corps operational concepts, as outlined in Force Design 2030, cannot reach their full combat potential.

General David H. Berger, Commandant of the Marine Corps, stated. “Transitioning to a talent management system will enable us to better harness and develop the unique skills and strengths of our Marines, improve the performance of our units in competition and combat, and ensure that we remain ‘most ready when the Nation is least ready,’ today and into the future.” 

Key areas of change include:

· Reengineering our enrollment model to better balance recruitment and retention, in order to mature;

· Redirects how enlisted Marines are assigned to Military Career Specializations (MOS) to align talent and potential with Marines needs;

· Develop repatriation service options for Marines who have left active service and provide subsequent entry opportunities for highly qualified applicants;

· Integrate a talent market to give Marines a voice in their career trajectory and commanders a voice in those joining their staff;

· Integrate 360 ​​degree feedback for people in leadership positions;

· Create an employee path selected by the board of directors on the model of the acquisition agent’s pipeline;

· Digitize the re-registration process to reduce barriers to re-registration; and
· Apply modern digital tools, analysis and processes to improve the effectiveness of the talent management system.

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