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Permanent Housing Placement National Challenge to House 38,000 Veterans in 2022

VA remains committed to ending Veteran homelessness and increasing permanent housing placements (PHPs) is critical to achieving this goal. Between 2010-2020, the number of Veterans experiencing homelessness in the United States was cut roughly in half. Despite this, data show that since 2016, progress towards ending Veteran homelessness stalled.

To support, revitalize, and streamline VA’s investment in and commitment to end Veteran homelessness and ensure at-risk Veterans are safeguarded from this crisis, VA established a nationwide goal to house 38,000 homeless Veterans during calendar year 2022.

To effectively achieve this goal while reducing the risk of unintended negative impacts to Veterans served or to local homeless services systems, the following guiding principles will be incorporated:

  1. House literally homeless Veterans identified through coordinated entry processes, local by-name lists (BNL), and VA and community-partner outreach services.
  2. Honor Veteran choice, including needs and preferences for care when determining appropriate services and housing placements. Center Veterans’ lived experience in the effort.
  3. Lead with equity while continuing to prioritize housing resources for all Veterans.
  4. Provide supportive services to Veterans with complex needs and/or histories of chronic homelessness through a trauma-informed, Veteran centered approach based in cultural humility.
  5. Enhance coordination among VA homeless programs and community partners, Continuum of Care (CoC) partners, public housing authorities (PHA), advocacy groups for and made up of Veterans with lived experience, landlords, city and county officials, and other service providers.

VA is hosting a bi-weekly Office Hours Call Series to support communities in achieving this goal. Recordings of these calls will be posted here. Check back often for more updates and information.

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